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Here are some suggestions to adjust the spam settings:

Once logged into our WebMail Center click on the "Options" link on the left and then click on SpamShield Pro on the bottom.

Check these boxes:
Enable SpamShield Pro
Move Spam to Spam Box
Insert SpamShield Score into message headers
Block returned (bounced) messages.

If you want to stop more spam going to your Inbox set the sensitivity to .5 or 1.0.

Log into our WebMail Center a couple times a week and check the spam folder for good email. When you see a good piece of email check the box on the left and from the drop down box on the top that says "SpamShield Pro Actions" and select "Approve Senders and move to inbox".

This will move it to your inbox so you can download it and add them to your approved senders list so you only have to do this once per good email address that shows up in the spam folder.

If you need help adjusting your spam settings please call us at 530-477-6293 or email support@ncws.com.

Thank you,

NCWS Support